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Pompe Pré-fossePompe Pré-fosse
Pompe Pré-fosse
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Vis déchiqueteuse interchangeable
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Canon de brassage rotatif
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Pre-pits pump

The teamco pre-pits pump is entirely made of stainless steel, including the ball bearings. It is designed for hog manure and other low-fibre liquids. Its shredding 6 inche impeller is complemented with a 2 inches pivoting stirring nozzle. The pumping operation is done though a 4 inch pipe. Greasing points are located near the electric motor to ease maintenace.

Optional: A side loading output, 4 inches diameter.


With 3 hp motor: 250 to 350 GPM
With 5hp motor: 300 to 400 GPM
With 7.5 HP: 400 to 600 GPM

Available models for: 6', 8' 10' and 12' pits