History of the company

The company was founded in 1978 by M. Camille Côté. Early on, the company was specialized in fabricating underground compressed air manure push systems, a system that M. Côté had designed himself in 1976. Through the years, the company developed and added solid manure and liquid manure spreaders to its line of products.

In 1988, M. Joël Côté, eldest son of M. Camille, begins to work full time with the company and acquires some shares of the business a few years later. Through the following years, the company continues to ameliorate and broaden its agricultural line of products.

In 1994, management decides to optimize tanker trucks and creates an industrial division that offers specialized equipment for septic tank cleaning and sewage cleaning companies.

In 2001, the company acquires Drummondville based Dynavent. This business was specialized in barn equipments. This acquisition was made with the intent of offering a larger range of equipments to farmers. It required the construction of a second manufacturing site of 16300 sq.ft. in surface, along with a new 1500 sq.ft. paint shop.

In 2002, management decides to change the company's name to Teamco, a name becoming the trademark for the products.

In 2003, the company designs a vacuum tanker truck with a separating unit that is dedicated to collecting and separating septic tank slurry.

In 2006 M. Joël Côté becomes the owner of Teamco, while still counting on the support of the founder Camille who keeps shares and remains active within the company.

In 2012, management decides to part with the barn equipment division by selling it to Concept DBL in order to further develop its industrial division and maintain its lead the market. Also in 2012 the founder of the company M. Camille Côté retires from the business and Joël Côté becomes the sole owner of Teamco.

In 2013 the company builds a third paint shop to fulfill the business needs.

In 2014, Teamco officially offers a silage and grain cart, an equipment that was being tested in the field for three years. This product fulfills the needs of the agricultural producers. In the fall of 2014, Teamco also unveils a line of hydro-excavating and combine vacuum tanker trucks. These new hi-tech and versatile equipments adequately satisfy the needs of its users. True to its reputation, Teamco strives to improve and develop products that are robust, durable and efficient. Qualities that make Teamco and all its team true leaders in both its agricultural and industrial divisions. The current owner is proud to be counting on family for future development, since its sons and younger brother are actively working within the company and strive to one day continue the Teamco tradition.